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dont tell me you’re sorry cashew nut

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You know what really makes me lose my shit? When teachers literally force you to present in front of the class (or in general do anything public you’re not comfortable with) like I get they want students to become more open and pushing them a bit out of their comfort zone will help them for the future but I don’t think they understand that some students are literally petrified of speaking in front of the class or recording something on a video and showing everyone, and they get panic attacks. And it won’t be something you just do quickly and get over with, some students will literally stress and get anxiety about it for days or weeks. Yeah I think public speaking skills are important but not when someone is literally forcing you to do it even if you speak to them privately trying to explain the situation and how uncomfortable you’re feeling.

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breaks down

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Tatiana Maslany | San Diego Comic Con 2014 | NerdHQ

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I swear if you held me one last time I’d crumble in the weight of your hands. — 6:22 pm (via dianaschamber)

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This came out a lot more sexual than I meant too…#whippedcream #oops #selfie

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